Supporting your artists is now possible!

Lately in France, there is a legal uncertainty regarding the remuneration of artists, and some organizations use it to take advantage of the authors. With this site, we will try to change the system by putting the author AND the reader at the centre of concern.

The author will earn money thank to views and comments on their pages. The reader, thank to their interest, will be the engine of their favorite authors’s remuneration!

Yes, yes it's free! Ah, and icing on the cake, it does not cost you anything! All you need to do is disable AdBlock to remunerate the authors!

Moreover on this site, compared to other platforms, you will have exclusive content and pages in advance of your favorite series. And to conclude, 100% of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the artist you like, no foolish percentage or whatever.

Some authors will offer premium services (Ulule /Tipeee/Patreon /Shop/etc), if you want to actively support your author and help them to devote themself to their art (and thus make you discover more and more beautiful comics).

The main site

Regarding the main site, (the top banner), it will have on its pages discreet and passive ads, they will finance the structure. In short, we prefer to be transparent about everything.
So enjoy and read a lot!!

We are not professionals, but we will do our best for every day to optimize your navigation.

Broadcast on external sites

If you are part of a scantrad/broadcast website, be aware that you are not prohibited to post our pages on your sites, you are just asked to respect the work of the author and respect a difference of one chapter (and edit the latest page of the chapter indicating that they can read more pages (and other unpublished comics) if they come on frenchkizz.net).

If these conditions are okay for you, we will be happy to work with you.

About us

Frenchkizz is basically the association of two artists: Mab (designer) and myself, Enmiasse (scriptwriter).

Together we created NPC, a webcomic on this site. We made our way. Then, after a few years, we witnessed the injustices that afflict the authors in our country (no social recognition, precariousness, social security problems).

At first we thought we were the only ones to feel this discomfort, but over the conventions, talking with other amateur authors, we realized that we had to do something.

We deleted our previous site to think collectively. We financed all the infrastructure and we will welcome amateur authors and allow them, through their webcomic pages, to earn their dignity via passive ads, Utips, etc.

This site was made by Mothmanhoax, Nasseime, Velkia and Ades.